Your Story and how Feng Office helps you – Alberto Tripoli, Municipality of San Isidro

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Continuing with our series on “Your story and how Feng Office helps you”, we contacted Alberto Tripoli, Secretary of Public Services in the Municipality of San Isidro.

"Computerize the utility area of the Municipality emerged from the need to quantify, centralize and make a correct monitoring of neighborhood complaints and improve our response time in order to become a public administration that makes a more efficient use of it's resources.

Feng Office's advantage, in addition to a significantly lower cost than it's competitors, was that the solution was already developed and did not require a long wait for it's use. It is also important to highlight the ongoing support provided and the customized training that made possible to break through the cultural and political barrier of our staff members and digitizing procedures.

From the implementation of Feng Office eGov SAC – "Solution focused on integrated management of public attention", implemented by Mismatica, there was a substantial reduction in time spent processing a task, also an increase in the effectiveness of municipal officers, now, it was possible a 100% response in a timely manner to the neighbor and there was an improvement in the internal communication with staff and delegations.

To the official or municipal officer who is thinking of implementing Feng Office, I would recommend you do so immediately, because at the present time we are living in, our neighbors (clients-shareholders as I like to call them), require a commitment on our part to resolve, in "real time", problems that affect them locally. This application is a particularly useful tool to carry out this task in an orderly and efficient manner."

Alberto Tripoli
Secretary of Public Services
Municipalidad de San Isidro

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