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Ready! Feng Office 2.1 final released today

By 6 July, 201214 Comments

Feng Office is happy to announce the final release of its 2.1 version.

Here are some of the new features and improvements of Feng Office 2.1 over version 2.0 final release:

  • New notification format
  • Advanced search
  • Notes and Tasks WYSIWYG
  • Tasks quick edit is back and improved
  • Google Docs compatibility
  • Improved Google Calendar integration
  • Archive Dimension Members is back
  • Easier to delete Dimension Members (is back)
  • Overview “View as list” is back
  • IMAP sent e-mail sync is back
  • Improved templates
  • Improvements when linking objects
  • More data on the task list: good for management
  • Indexing of .odt and .fodt
  • File extension prevention upload
  • Lots of improvements to the Gantt Chart module (Professional Edition)
  • Task dependencies (Professional Edition)
  • One task for many people

Let us quickly tell you a bit about each of them…

New notification format

E-mailed notification messages are now prettier and send more information.

Advanced search

Users can filter search options, to get faster and more targeted results. Here is a post with more details about this feature.

Notes and Tasks WYSIWYG

System administrators can now configure Notes and Tasks to have its descriptions use a richer text editor.
Many users will love this new feature, as it was a very popular request.

Tasks quick edit is back and improved

As in Feng 1.7, you can now quickly edit your tasks right from the list view.
Also, the quick new-and-edit form now lets you edit the Task Start Date, Start Time* [Professional Edition] and Estimated time.

Google Docs compatibility

Users can now link Google Docs documents>
– On the Web Links module: just put the Google Doc link
– On the Documents module: when you upload a file, select the weblink option.
Easy. Fast. Useful!

Improved Google Calendar integration

The new Google Calendar integration is now improved. Important bugs have been fixed. Read this post for more on the Google Calendar Sync features.

Archive Dimension Members is back

Workspaces, Clients, Folders and Projects can now be archived (like Workspaces could in 1.X series)

Easier to delete Dimension Members (is back)

Workspaces, Clients, Folders and Projects can now be deleted from the edit form (like Workspaces could in 1.X series)

Overview “View as list” is back

Overview tab has regained its “View as list” option, so popular for many of us Feng Office oldies.

IMAP sent e-mail sync is back

Another popular feature lost in translation from Feng Office 1.X to Feng Office 2.X series is regained.

Improved templates

Custom properties and Dimension Member handling has been fixed and improved.
We should be talking a lot more about templates. Those things are magical.

Improvements when linking objects

When you upload a document while linking it to another object, it gets automatically and correctly classified

More data on the task list: good for management

When configured, estimated times are shown per task, and per groups. Try it out! It is a really nice feature.

Indexing of .odt and .fodt

Thanks to the generous contribution of one of our long-time clients, .odt and .fodt files are now indexed (meaning that you can search within those files).

File extension prevention upload

There is a DataBase configuration that allows to block certain type of files from being uploaded.

Lots of improvements to the Gantt Chart module (Professional Edition)

This will have its own post. Drag and drop, resizing, and grouping features have been incorporated. This additional plugin is starting to look awesome.

Task dependencies (Professional Edition)

People are now notified of completed tasks that affect their own tasks.

One task for many people (Professional Edition)

Ability to easily assign a task to a lot many people

That, and some usability improvements, and some bug fixes. Pretty neat stuff. Oh! To download the Community Edition, just click here. Feng Sky clients using 2.0 will be automatically upgraded. Feng Onsite clients will be contacted by your account executive to plan the upgrade.

Important note for System Administrators upgrading from previous versions

We have just created a Wiki section with instructions for all kind of upgrades. Migrating from Feng 1.X to Feng 2.X is a bit tricky, so make sure to follow steps carefully. Don’t forget to Back up.


  • kurniswan says:

    I’m glad for this new release, can’t wait to try it.
    My curiousity is can fengoffice create template document in the future?

  • Conrado says:

    Hi Kurniswan,
    We are glad too. Thanks!
    Yes, document templates are on the roadmap.

  • Roger says:

    Cool, thanks!
    Is there a security announcements list or at minimum an updates announcement list or RSS feed for Feng?
    Other good projects all have such a list or feed
    (examples , , ,

  • H says:

    Great news!
    I am using version
    In order to upgrade to 2.1 I need:
    1- Set at config/config.php the constant TABLE_PREFIX to ‘fo_’
    2- Run the upgrade script ‘public/upgrade’
    3- After upgrading make sure to run public/upgrade/complete_migration.php to set up object permissions. –
    Am I right?

  • Weilies says:

    I wonder why not FO deliver an upgrade link at right bottom of the page, or under admin panel
    Isn’t that simpler for upgrade?

  • Conrado says:

    Hi everyone.
    Already enjoying Feng 2.1? We are loving it here.
    From version you only need step 2.
    We used to have that. As it wasn’t always working well we decided to remove the feature until it is more polished. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Gerhard says:

    I’m happy to see all the improvements in 2.1. Feng Office is getting better and better. I look forward to other great features.

  • Conrado says:

    Thank you, Gerhard! 🙂

  • amejat says:

    Great release. When can we expect Gelsheet (spreadsheet) to be officially integrated into Fengoffice ?

  • Conrado says:

    Hi Amejat.
    Thank you! We are getting incredible feedback on version 2.1. It is great!
    Would you like to get involved with Gelsheet development? If so, please drop us a line on the contact form.

  • Gianni says:

    Can we have some screenshot of the professional edition functionalities?
    First of all gantt and task dependencies… it would be great!

  • Coco says:

    I’m a super admin and when I go to the Administration =>Tools => Mass Mailer, I get an error that says I don’t have permissions to access it. Can you help me please!

  • Hasan says:

    This version is nice and i m using the same in my office. is there any possibility of Feng office spreadsheet integrated.?
    Please reply..

  • francisco says:

    Hello Hasan,
    It is great to know that Feng Office is currently being used in your office and that you like it!
    As for the spreadsheet integration, to be honest, this is not in our highest priorities as its demand is not as high as the one for other features and modules. Nonetheless, we understand it is important for several, and that is why we are working on a crowd sourcing project. If you are interested in it, please send us an email to
    Otherwise, another possibility some users go for, is to have the spreadsheets created in Google Docs, and then referenced into Feng Office given that you can work on them directly from our platform.
    Hope you find this information helpful.
    Best regards,
    Francisco Ponce de Leon
    Feng Office Team

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