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[FIXED] Google Chrome version 31.0 issue: files not uploading with latest release.

By 19 November, 201311 Comments

Update: issue fixed

The issue preventing Google Chrome users to upload files has been fixed!

Sorry Google: this was “our” fault. 🙂

Why the quotes? To make a long story short: there was a line of code intended to prevent a warning message from old Internet Explorer versions. 😐

If you want to learn more about the issue, you may find our ticket with Google Chrome here.

Original post

Starting with version 31.0.1650.48, which Google started to roll out last week, a lot of Feng Office users accessing via Google Chrome are experiencing an issue preventing them to upload files to their Feng Office installations.

The issue affects both the Document module and the e-mail attachments.

We have reported the issue to Google and are awaiting for news.

Also, the development team is working on a workaround for this issue.

In the mean time we recommend that you use an alternative browser (Mozilla Firefox, for example).

We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.


  • Jean says:

    i just downloaded 2.4rc, but i cant upload with chrome, i have to download a patch or something?

  • Francisco says:

    Hi Jean!
    The fix has been added to the 2.4 final version, which was released on Friday (November the 22nd)
    Best regards,

  • Ben Dabrowski says:

    Is there any instruction of where to fix it in 1.7.5?

  • Francisco says:

    Hello Ben!
    No, there is not. My personal suggestion would be going for the 2.4 version as it does have tons of improvements that the old series do not have: new features, better performance, better user experience.
    You may have a look at it in our Demo:
    Best regards,

  • Ben Dabrowski says:

    Thanks. I’ll just roll back Chrome or something. 2 has a lot of great new features, and I keep trying to go with it and tell myself it’s okay, but a few encumberances continue to keep me unable to commit.

  • Francisco says:

    Hi Ben!
    Which encumberances do you come across with?
    Best regards,

  • Ben Dabrowski says:

    I mentioned something on the Facebook page. I cannot get used to Companies/People as dimensions. I liked just using Workspaces as the top-level filter. I find objects (even workspaces) disappearing based on what company I’m viewing.
    I liked putting tasks into workspaces so that when I viewed higher levels, I’d see the note of which workspace it was in, but if I keep them in a dimension based on company, when viewing all, it doesn’t provide as nice of an indication as the workspace indicator did.
    I’ll keep playing around with 2. Do you imagine that going forward, the upgrades will be smoother than from 1 to 2?

  • Stephen Hodgman says:

    My “encumberance” with not upgrading to 2.4 is that every time I have tried to upgrade from 1.7.5 the upgrade FAILS.
    There have been numerous posts to this effect on the forums (The latest in the last week or so with no response as yet). As far as I can see there is still no solution.
    I understand that you blokes are powering on with new features BUT how about a solution for those of us who like the product, have invested lots of time (and data) into it but are left without an upgrade path?
    I have been posting and looking for an answer for this issue since you went to ver 2.
    Seems like we have been abandoned.
    This makes me VERY hesitant to commit to any “current” version as it is quite likely that I will be abandonded again.
    SURELY you can come up with a DB conversion process that reliably transfers data from Ver 1.7.4 to ver 2.4 ???
    yours in hope,
    Steve H.

  • Conrado says:

    @Ben, we know the issue you mention and it is on the roadmap for improvement.
    Yes, upgrades on version 2 are much smoother, and the system just keeps getting better.
    The one upgrade that has proven really challenging for some is to move from 1.X series to 2.X. FYI, we still have some clients for which we haven’t performed the update because it is so demanding that all the schema transformations will take hours to process, and we haven’t found the right time for it.

  • Francisco says:

    Hello Stephen!
    Actually the upgrade procedure does work fine, however, as Conrado has just mentioned, depending on the amount of data and the hardware you are using, it may take many hours. Just so you know, one of our clients took 63 hours of processing! These are not all the scenarios though as some take a couple of hours.. it just depends on certain factors such as amount of users, amount of workspaces, and amount of objects.. If you have the email module enabled, it will definitely take some time.
    Good news though are that every single client has found Feng Office 2 series much better and powerful than the previous one!
    The latest version available right now is the, which we released last Friday. What I would suggest you doing is following the upgrade procedure posted in our Wiki (which does work as it is the very same we use to upgrade our clients), as well as upgrading from 1.7.4 to 1.7.5 before running so:
    We are not abandoning anyone as upgrading is indeed possible and as we keep on daily working on improvements.
    Should you not be able to upgrade it on your own, you may always consider getting help from our Support Team.
    Hope you find this information helpful.
    Best regards,

  • Mike Boyd says:

    I have been having the problem with my MacBook (OS 10.14.2 and the earlier version). This happens with photographs that I want to attach to Gmail notes going out, and I can’t upload photos to Facebook. If I am using Safari as my browser, I have no problem.

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