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Professional Services
« on: May 25, 2010, 03:54:03 pm »
Professional services firms add great value to their customers through the execution of complex tasks and projects, requiring a unique and specialized set of skills and technical procedures. Though the areas in which these firms specialize vary widely, they frequently face the same kinds of management challenges.

Common challenges
At any given point in time, professional services firms are found executing several services (or projects) for a number of customers. Daily, company managers have to monitor the evolution of each of these projects.

  • Is everything running smoothly?
  • Are Services being delivered on time?

Frequently, status of each project is not easily assessed, requiring for the manager to exchange e-mail or engage in conversations with its co-workers.

The problem gets worse if the call for attention comes directly from a customer calling to inquire about an unsatisfactory or delayed service delivery.

And after all the juggling is resolved, at the expense of long hours of hard work, the time comes to issue a reasonable invoice for the work. Is the billing fair in relation to the amount of work delivered? Are we charging too much? Too little?

Feng Office helps Professional Services Firms
Professional Services firms using Feng Office have the ability, at any time, to answer the question:

What is going on with my customers?

They keep track of every task and every project. Access the latest version of every document. Conversations are naturally linked to the related tasks and documents. Schedule meetings, events, reminders; manage personal and team's calendars. It also enables tracking of the time spent on every project, simplifying billing work.

These are just some of the ways Feng Office helps Professional Services get their work done, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Check out a complete description of Feng Office to learn more about the features and the benefits of using Feng office.

What do you think?
Are you running a Professional Services company? Are these the problems you are facing? Is this how you are using Feng Office?

It would be great to learn what are the issues you are trying to solve, and how Feng Office is helping you and your business (and, if it isn't, why not).

If you are not using Feng Office, but would like to learn more, you can give it a free try, learn more about its features, or contact a Feng Office Executive to learn how Feng Office can help your Professional Services business.
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Re: Professional Services
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2010, 08:48:54 am »
You guys need to add more information to your sales pages. I'd never have joined Feng Office based on what's on your pages. I found the information I wanted from third parties. Then I took time to go throuh the Wiki to grasp the app's functions.

You basically have to move summarized information from the document Wiki to those sales info pages.  

Check out Deskaway's feature tour page. That's what persuaded me to go with them. They basically put their training videos in the sales area.

Edit : the reason I posted this was because of that link above to the Features page. You're not fully doing the app justice there.

PS: I'm writing this because when I find a great app, I like to see it sell well.
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Re: Professional Services
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2010, 09:34:04 am »
It would be great to learn what are the issues you are trying to solve, and how Feng Office is helping you and your business (and, if it isn't, why not).

As a freelance, running my own business, I was looking for some time for a solution to easily manage information between me and my customers.
My job is about design and development, and the first need I usually have is to share with (authorized) users some files (say "binary files", PDFs, analysis reports, notes, schematics, etc.) related to each project I work on, and keep private part of other files (say "source files", original documents, development notes); all of that still having an "information repository" somewhere.
What I need, is an application easy to setup and manage, since I'm not planning to maintain a service for a larger company: my time is in the first instance dedicated to other work.

Note that from my customers (present) perspective, some e-mails would have done already fine, but the information was too much spread, and often hard to manage.
The idea of a plain file repository was still too crude. At least I have the need for a list of notes, even best when they can be linked to files, and sent automatically to project subscribers, as in Feng Office.

As funny anecdote, my first attempt at this organization was with another project management web application. A few days after I installed it though I had a DB failure, and I thought the application had some flaws (while it didn't, as I discovered later, since it was due to server). I started then looking for another PM application, with an easy and clean interface (I don't think my customers would be happy with a complex web site), and I stumbled on Feng Office!