Author Topic: Adding 'Expend' vs. 'Minimize' view on the Text body content of NOTES  (Read 1818 times)


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Hi, we have been using the Feng Office for over a year now. Here is a genuine request we have in reference to Notes Module.

Problem we are facing:

When users post a note, and the main text body contains a lot of content, it takes a lot of scrolling down, until we reach the actual COMMENTS section.

Proposed Solution:

same as in the detailed view of DOCUMENTS module, a user can expend the view and minimize the view. Standard/minimized view is great for accessing the revisions, etc.

Would it be possible to incorporate the same function for the NOTES Module, so that if the main Text body exceeds let say 300 words, it automatically shrinks/minimizes the view while offering a link to click on to expend/maximize the view. This would allow for an easy access to comments section.

Your help is greatly appreciated.  
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