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Read before posting
« on: April 13, 2009, 12:10:22 pm »
Before submitting a bug report please do the following first:

  • You can get more information about an error by enabling debug mode. You can do this by editing file 'config/config.php' and setting the constant DEBUG to true, like this:
        define('DEBUG', true);
    This will output more info about errors to the browser or to file 'cache/log.php'. Please include this info when submitting a bug.
  • Please post in the subject the OpenGoo version number that is causing the bug.
  • Please tell us which browser (name and version) are you using, as well as which web server and versions of PHP and MySQL.
  • Try searching the forums for a similar bug report. Just a quick search can sometimes help. We won't get mad at you if you post the bug without searching first, but searching can save you some time.

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