Author Topic: Email forwarding problem with GMail-Accounts  (Read 1511 times)


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Email forwarding problem with GMail-Accounts
« on: February 04, 2010, 01:14:38 pm »
- A new Mail called TESTMAIL is coming in, i read it, all ok:-)
- I search for the "TESTMAIL and i found and open it
- I press the "forward" button and put in a correct (!) emailadress
- I press send, and i see the message i wrote is in the send folder

Everythink seems to work ok til now, the message is sent....but will never received!!

I saw in the GMail-Account, that the mail is in the send folder too, but it is marked as read, other emails i did send from opengoo mail module have the state unread (GMAIL account only, in opengoo send folder each mail has the state readed, new mail also as forwarded mails).

I checked it again, the whole absolutly same procedure but with another receiver email adress, but the result is the same.
Mail i wrote is found in the send folder of opengoo and the send folder of my GMAIL-Account but it is not really send! The state of the mail is readed.

I create a new mail, not a forwarded mail, and this works, i found it in the send folder of opengoo and GMail and the state is unreaded in the GMAIL account (in opengoo it is marked as readed) and the mail was correctly send to the receiver!

I guess this problem is a bug before OpenGoo/FengOffice 1.6.2, because i heard sometime that a receiver told me, that he did not got a mail, now i know the reason why:-(