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Calendar: appointment with traveling
« on: December 22, 2009, 01:17:14 pm »
There is a feature I couldn't find on any calendar but which is, to my mind, essential.

Just imagine I have an appointment in another city so I need to travel there. What are my options?
- I don't write anything in my calendar -> I think I have free time whereas I don't
- I create a new appointment (which is not an appointment because I am not doing anything). What if I cancel/reschedule my appointment? I also have to delete/modify the traveling appointments -> too complicated to manage
- I create one longer appointment considering the traveling time -> How do I remember what was beginning/ending time?

I thought a lot about this and I think I have got an idea (2 ideas) on how to do this.
- Need to create a new field "Traveling" in the appointment
1- The user can set the unavailable time before and after the meeting. This would create linked events (need a new database table?) he would see in the calendar but not preventing him from adding an appointment during this time.
2- Another (but similar) possibility is to create the traveling as appointments -> export using iCal. This needs a new database table telling who is the master and who is the slave.
        |- ...
        |- events_traveling
            |--  master_event
            |--  slave_event
        |- ...
- If the user wants to move or delete the appointment then a pop-up tells him there are traveling events depending on it and asks him if he wants to move/delete them too.

I think this feature would be great. What do you think?


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Re: Calendar: appointment with traveling
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2023, 06:30:29 pm »
Not a bad feature, I also plan my trips carefully. Especially since I clearly know when I will leave, thanks to the service I was able to buy tickets and choose the right airline, which is very convenient