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Generalization of subtypes
« on: January 02, 2012, 06:50:37 am »

First great thanks for the job already done since OpenGoo.

Then would next FO releases implement a generalization of subtypes as used in tasks ? e.g. it would permit us to create notes subtypes in aim to have our specific objects with their specific properties both in viewing and editing mode !

Today we manage this with note object custom properties (via the admin menu "custom properties") with the key custom property being a "Type" property. It works since we can manage reports based on the Type property to select only the desired specific object.
Anyway, it's really a pain to add a new specific object since the note object is added more and more custom properties as the number of specific objects increases.
It's really a pain when editing property values, less when viewing properties since only properties with a value appears.

IMHO the generalization of subtypes could permit to achieve the same need, but with a more clean management (creation, editing, viewing, deleting).

What's your opinions and needs ?