Author Topic: [1.5.3]No login screen ( for certain accounts )  (Read 1874 times)


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[1.5.3]No login screen ( for certain accounts )
« on: September 15, 2009, 12:27:25 pm »
The session was expired and it was asking for user/pass combination. In my undefined wisdom i decided to enter another user/pass combination just to see what will happen :) Well it broke :)
Now the user is inaccessible.
There was no login screen at all, after clearing the browser cache, the login screen is back, but if you try to login via that user account, all you get is white screen. Other users work o.k.

I guess it's messed up somewhere in the base itself, as there are no cache files on the server or client, restarted both Apache/MySql..

The good thing is that i have another admin account so i can delete the broken one, but it can be a problem if it's the only account, or if it is a personal account on production machine.
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