Author Topic: 1.5RC - GooPlayer hangs  (Read 1943 times)


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1.5RC - GooPlayer hangs
« on: July 18, 2009, 08:12:31 am »
Playing or queuing mp3 files would cause GooPlayer to hang (can't close the panel).

In previous versions of OpenGoo, I was able to save playlists but not to restore them.
Using an online playlist validator, i found  a problem with paths encodings.  Anyway, modifying paths wasn't solving the issue.

Again, in previous versions of OpenGoo, opening the GooPlayer while Flash plugin not activated would  cause GooPlayer to hang.

Sorry, nothing in log.php...

My bad, playing mp3 files works fine (my Flash plugin was shown as activated but was not...)
Closing the panel is fine too.

Still, queuing files and loading playlist does not work.

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