Author Topic: Editing of comment changes posted date  (Read 1683 times)


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Editing of comment changes posted date
« on: February 04, 2022, 03:11:05 pm »
In version and perhaps in all newer versions there is some interesting behavior.
If a comment is posted, and then edited later - the "Posted on" date is updated.
This means that if you edit a typo on a comment a month after originally posting it, you aren't able to see when that comment was originally posted as it will only display the edit date and erroneously refers to it as the "Posted date"

It would seem to me that this should not be the case, as it loses the information on the original comment and a solution would be to add an "Edited on" date in addition to the "Posted on" date.

There are many circumstances that knowing when the comment was originally posted is needed. Editing could be restricted, and would give more integrity than allowing the edits but would also be less clean as it wouldn't allow for corrections to be made.

Any thoughts on this?