Author Topic: I do not see created tasks in Task tab in Feng office 3.0 and the same for 3.0 rc&rc2  (Read 1921 times)


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Hi all:-)

We successfully used FENG office edition) and everything  worked pretty good on our server:-)
We would like to use new version 3.0 , but after installing it(not update - we used clear installation) - I can't see created tasks in task view, they only appear in overview tab, activity...(tried all filters - 0 result)

Could you please advice what we need to fix in order it work fine?

The same server, same settings
We can provide you with any info needed

We appreciate your help


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I think i have the same issue, after update to 3.0.1.

In the tasks overview, if i remove the date from  "From: " and "Until:" fields, none of the tasks are shown. Tasks appear only if i set the date manually...

Fix it, please


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That is pretty weird. Are you still experiencing this problem in the latest version?
Have you tried to reproduce it in our demo?

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