Author Topic: Migration from 1.7.5 to gzuncompress error  (Read 4626 times)


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Migration from 1.7.5 to gzuncompress error
« on: August 27, 2015, 04:55:12 pm »
Have been trying to upgrade from 1.7.5 to (so will then update to 3.x)

When doing step 8, run complete_migration.php, first time I started with 3000 and it ran, CPU was high, nothing happened for hours, and while reading around here discovered you can check the fo_processed_objects table and see how many you have, and it was zero.

Decreased the number for complete_migration.php down to 100 and it ran successfully a few times (kept checking the table and the log file it was creating, processed objects were increasing), but then same issue again, no objects were been processed.

Reduced to 50, ran once more, than nothing; reduced to 10, ran once more, than next time nothing, so on, and on until it won't run even with just 1.
On the /cache/log it throws errors like this one:

#1 ERROR: Error: gzuncompress(): data error in '/var/www/ogoo/application/functions.php' on line 1432 (error code: 2)

Any ideas how can I complete this migration, or how can I spot the object that is blobking the script from running, and what to do about it?
Thanks for your help!