Author Topic: Feng Office 3.0: Getting the word out  (Read 2983 times)


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Feng Office 3.0: Getting the word out
« on: December 22, 2014, 12:39:09 pm »
If you've followed Feng Office for a while you'll know that one of the skills at which we don't excel (to put it mildly  :P ) is marketing.

But now that Feng Office 3.0 is out, we would love to get help spreading the word.

This is by far (in our opinion, of course) the best Feng Office ever. So we want people to learn about it and check it out.

We have crafted a Press Release. While I feel it might be a little "pompous", I do believe that we need to start being more vocal and reflectin our pride in our communication.

So here it is. If you have any suggestions and comments to improve it, and would like to provide somme help in spreading the word for Feng Office (be it in the distribution of the PR, or by other means), please contact us. You can leave a message here or PM me.

New Feng Office disrupts the Project Management and Collaboration space, again
Austin, TX – December 22, 2014 -­‐ Feng Corp., developer of the popular solution for project management and collaboration platform Feng Office, announced today its third major release in its 7 years history. Feng Office 3.0 introduces a whole new experience for its users, establishing Feng Office as the most robust platform for collaborative and professional project management and business operations.

Conrado Viña, CEO of Feng Office, said, “While the Feng Office 2.X series had reached a high maturity level, and our clients advocate the significant productivity and efficiency gains enabled by our solutions, we knew there was room for improvement. We had three goals with Feng Office 3.0: First was the enhancement of the user experience, smoothing the learning curve being the main focus. Second was the completion of the ambitious ‘dimension-­‐based’ architecture that was introduced with Feng Office 2.0. Last, we wanted to lay the foundation for positioning Feng Office as the standard for professional project and business processes management”.

Francisco Ponce de León, Senior VP, said, “We couldn’t be more excited. Feng Office 3.0 is the culmination of years of research and development, gathering the feedback of literally tens of thousands of users. From a business perspective, the new experience will definitely impact our initial engagement rates. My personal favorites are the powerful productivity features like templates, automatic processes, and automatic classification of e-­‐mails for relationship management and collaborative purposes.”

Andrew Kauffman, CTO, said, “The team is extremely proud. This is the system that we always intended, and it took years to get to this point. We are pioneers in utilizing the dimensions concept outside of OLAP and Datawarehousing, which posed many challenges to our architecture and development process.”

The ‘dimensions’ concept utilized by Feng Office is unique among Collaboration Platforms and enhances the flexibility of the information structure, allowing all types of business and public organizations’ CIOs to build a collaborative platform that reflects their own information schemas and classification. Balancing this powerful extensibility with the increasing market demands for ease of use has been a big challenge for the Feng Office team but, judging from their confidence and customer feedback, one that successful organizations fully embrace in anticipation of the changing needs that result from business growth.

About Feng Corp.: Feng Corp. (aka Feng Office) is the developer of the Feng Office suite of software systems integrating functions for team collaboration, organization, projects, clients, processes and document management.
Founded in 2007, Feng Office develops and provides support for its three Feng Office suites: Community, Professional, and Enterprise Edition. Over 3 million people use Feng Office systems worldwide. Feng Office has local offices in the USA, Netherlands, and Uruguay, with heavy expansion plans for 2015."

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