Author Topic: Feng Office 3.0 - beta release  (Read 9975 times)


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Feng Office 3.0 - beta release
« on: December 03, 2014, 09:52:53 am »
Hi there,

We are really really excited about this news:

The first beta release of Feng Office 3.0 is out!

There is so much to say about Feng Office 3...

The focus for this major release was put on three (very related) fronts:
  • Ease of use
  • Look and feel
  • Initial experience

We tried to summarize the biggest changes here here on the blog.

But you will have to try it yourselves to give us your verdict. :)

If you want to test the first beta version of the Community Edition (please remember this is a BETA release, and it certainly will be a bit too buggy) you can download it here (And remember to backup all of your data before upgrading or -even better- upgrade on a TEST installation).

If you are a subscribed client for the Supported Community Edition (SCE), the Professional Edition (PE), or the Enterprise Edition (EE), please contact your Account Executive and we will set up a test environment for your organization.

Stay tuned for the soon upcoming releases. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

And give us your feedback!
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