Author Topic: Feng Office 2.6-beta version has been released!!  (Read 11282 times)


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Feng Office 2.6-beta version has been released!!
« on: April 25, 2014, 06:48:01 pm »
Hello everyone!!

This long awaited version has finally been released!
It does include tons of new features and improvements (as well as fixes), which we are confident you will be very fond of.
We wish we had it available earlier, but all those changes required heavy testing!

Once the final version is available we will make the proper Blog article explaining the features even further, but basically they are as follows:

- Easier and faster way to classify tasks from the quick add/edit view
- Easier way to manage timeslots
- Multiple tasks drag and drop
- Easier way to upload new file versions
- Projects, Clients (and other dimensions) can now be colour coded
- More proper IMAP support has been developed
- Listings now show breadcrumbs (workspace, client, project, etc.) in separate columns
- Templates now support subscribing users to the tasks, and then take them into account when creating the tasks
- New option to select which milestones are shown in milestone selectors

In order to download it, you just need to get it from here:

Best regards,
Feng Office Team
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