Author Topic: Feng Office version released!!  (Read 10458 times)


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Feng Office version released!!
« on: February 28, 2014, 09:58:25 am »
Hello Everyone!

The version of Feng Office has been released yesterday!
We should have made some threads about the prior 2.5.1-beta, 2.5.1-RC and 2.5.1 releases but we were not able to do so - and I personally was away for a while -

As to the, it has lots of bugfixes and new features as well.
Soon we will make the official Blog Post.

Remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so that you can get notified once the post is available.

You may download the here:

Found a bug? Report it here please :)

Stay tuned for the upcoming 2.6-beta as there are major improvements :)

Best regards,
Feng Office Team
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