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Company Departments
« on: May 16, 2009, 11:43:17 pm »
One of the things I would like to use OpenGoo for is personal planning, and keeping all my contacts organised weather they be friend or companies... whatever.

Now I know currently that you can add a contact to a company and a "Department" field is supplied, however you always have to enter a first and/or last name, which isnt always ideal for me.

Now take for example, say I have dealings with Tiscali and my local council, and there are departments in each of those companies that I phone quite regularlly but dont speak to anyone specific, just that department, I would like a way just to be able to see the departments of a paticular company.

For example, I could set it up like this :

 + Technical Support
 + Business Broadband enquiries
 + etc...

 +Rent Department
 +Housing Department
 +Waste Collection Department
 +Environmental Department

It would be nice if this could be catered for in some way. At the moment I just fill in the first/last name, for example "Technical" + "Support" which works, but isnt ideal. It would also then be nice that if I am on the companies page, I get a expandable list for "Users", "Contacts" and "Departments".

Maybe it's me not using the application quite correct, or this may be a useful feature for others too, any opinions welcomed!



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Re: Company Departments
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2009, 05:04:53 pm »
The way you have your departments set up sounds to me like a perfect example of using workspaces for each of those. ie Tiscali would have its own workspace, and under it, Technical Support would have its own sub-workspace.  Contacts are assigned to workspaces, so all you would have to do is assign a contact to that workspace.  You would just select the workspace Tiscali/Technical Support, click on the contacts tab and there you would have everything you need.
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