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No authenticate dialog 'administration'
« on: October 27, 2013, 06:43:43 am »
Using version on my own server with PHP version 5.5.

I've a problem after selecting the option 'Authenticate administration' in administration/configuration/general.

When I go to the 'administration' (while logged in as a SuperAdministrator) I don't get the authentication dialog that should appear according to the helptext displayed at the option 'Authenticate administration'. A message telling that the user has no permission is displayed.

It feels like that the user is locked-out of accessing administration. (And that's needed to de-select the option.)

Anyone having tips for solving this problem. (Either de-selecting the option or in getting the authentication dialog.)

Additional information :
- Problem occurs in 'fresh' installations, not in upgraded installations.
- The problem occurs in different browsers.
- Superadministrator-account (with the name 'admin') has the problem, an user with administrator-account hasn't got the trouble. (So, for now I de-activated the option through another account.)
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