Query failed with message 'Duplicate entry '91-ApplicationReadLogs-3850' for key 'PRIMARY''

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Author Topic: Database error upon opening a task in task tab  (Read 3281 times)


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Database error upon opening a task in task tab
« on: October 03, 2013, 04:52:54 am »
When a user who has permissions to add and edit a task in project, when try to open a task in the task tab, by clicking the task name then the following appears.

Error (DBQueryError)
Query failed with message 'Duplicate entry '91-ApplicationReadLogs-3851' for key 'PRIMARY''
Error params:
File:    /var/www/htdocs/feng/environment/library/database/adapters/AbstractDBAdapter.class.php
Line:    386
Sql:    INSERT INTO `workspace_objects` (`workspace_id`, `object_manager`, `object_id`, `created_on`, `created_by_id`) VALUES ('91', 'ApplicationReadLogs', '3851', '2013-10-03 07:50:15', '11')
Error number:    1062
Error message:    Duplicate entry '91-ApplicationReadLogs-3851' for key 'PRIMARY'

It has been constantly appearing even after the database table repaired.
I am using Feng Office 1.7.5
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Re: Database error upon opening a task in task tab
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2013, 03:49:04 pm »
The 1.7.5 version is rather old. Without looking into your database directly I would not know what is going on.

For different reasons we would suggest giving a go to the Feng Office 2 version though.
You can try our demo here: demo.fengoffice.com

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