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Road Map of improvments
« on: April 30, 2013, 05:49:13 pm »
Feng Office is a great project. It has potential to be a great of Web Office. Since version 1.7 the progress was a slow paste. There are many things to add so it can be a super application. In this article I will talk about my ideas of how to improve Feng Office and make it as a road map.
1- Security
   Goals        To make tow types of admins: system/security admins (operator) and admins of   workspaces (workspace-wise contents and security)
             To add SSL feature and make it default/option
   Reason        To make the contents more secured and have more privacy
             How to Recode Super admins and admins so cannot view any workspace contents
             Recode Personal workspaces so it belong only to its owner and cannot be viewed by another one
             Add code for encryption so FengOffice encrypt contents in DB or OS File System
             Add Usage Quota for each workspaces, default is 0 (unlimited)
             Recode accoun that a user who can add users cannot create user with the same level only types below. ex: Admin cannot create admin, same to managers
             Add the ability to users to change their LDAP password
             Add a property to user object (Yes/No) If LDAP present, users will be authenticated only by LDAP. Yes is default to all users except Super Admin
             Recode so there is only one super admin in the system

2- Internationalization
   Goals     More Internationalization support
   Reason     RTL languages has no support in the interface or reports, custom fields are not multilingual
   How to    Recode to move all CSS to theme folder (some CSS properties specially that define the language direction are coded outside the theme)
          Add Language Direction (TRL/RTL) field when define language
          Recode CSS/HTML themes and Reports Creation to switch the right language direction based on Direction Field
          Add file based translation for Custom Properties just like a typical language file

3- Task Management
   Goals    To enhance task workflow
   Reason    Task needs two types of workflows one is circulations workflow (free style) and predefined workflow system to make the office more productive
   How to    Add check box on Tasks tabs to allow circulation workflow. Freestyle can only be from workspace manger to another space manager, from manger  to another user in the same space or vise versa
         Add Steps to Templates
         Add step has linkable objects, duration, task info, next steps list, custom fields, date and time, duration
         Add database link for custom field and add picture field type
         Add Custom Properties object type to Templates
         Add automatic actions to step like sending email or moving to a next step based on value of custom feilds

4- More DMS/ECM
   Goals    To enhance DMS feature so Feng Office can be a real DMS platform
   Reason    No document viewer, no folders and subfolders in Documents, no WebDAV/SharePoint/CMIS support, Barcode, Spredsheet, no metadata on doc
   How to    Add subfolder for documents
         Add separate meta-data for documents and subfolders and include bar coding as standard metadata
         Add passing values from Feng Office to CK editor document like dates/contact names/reports/task info.....
         Add WebDav function
         Add Spread sheets, and document viewer for PDF/Graphics files/MS Office/OpenOffice
         Add CMIS (server/client)
         Add SharePoint service so Feng Office act as SharePoint server

5- Portal
   Goals    To make workspace as portal
   Reason    Workspaces are great features but one missing feature is workspace portal.
   How to    Add Public tab to each workspace. By default, every user is allowed to view this tab. public information is just linked objects of space repository
         Add functionality to organize Public tab
6- Import/Export
   Goals    To make Feng Office
   Reason    No user import/export, no auto user grab from LDAP directory.
   How to    Add Export/Import page to administrator Tab
         Add Auto Import LDAP users check box
         Add Export and    Import users controls

7- More Project Management
   Goals    To make Feng Office
   Reason    No user import/export, no auto user grab from LDAP directory.
   How to    Add PM fields like budgets and resources to workspace
         Add resource management

8- More API
   Goals    To expand the API
   Reason    API has very few and limited functionality
   How to    Expand object api specially documents and workflow

9- The Studio
   Goals    To ease creating plugins and add new functionality to Feng Office
   Reason    No visual creating of plugins
   How to    Add the function mentioned in the WIKI that described how to do studio

Road map
Version    Feature
2.4       Security
2.5       Internationalization
2.6       Export/Import
3.0       Task Management
4.0       More DMS/ECM
4.2       More DMS/ECM
4.5       More DMS/ECM
5.0       Portals
6.0       More Project Management
6.2       More overall enhancement
6.5       More overall enhancement
6.7       More overall enhancement
7.0       More API
7.2       The studio


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Re: Road Map of improvments
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2013, 09:45:48 am »
Dear Akram,

Thank you a lot for your input and feedback, much appreciated.
Glad to know you find Feng Office useful.

Indeed, there are tons of things we would like to develop, but due to different circumstances we have not been able to. However, I would not call it that slow, even though it was slower than expected at times.
Every new release many things get changed and improved, even though you may not notice it.

Some of the things you mention are in our Road Map, some others are not.
Also.. there are those which already are available in the Professional Edition.

For those that are not, if someone wishes to work on a plugin or help us sponsoring the feature so that everyone can access it, we welcome every possible help.

Best regards,
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Re: Road Map of improvments
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2013, 09:34:11 pm »
Thank you, Akram.

Great feedback!

My response = What Francisco said + these are all now part of the roadmap.

Some things will vary in the order and time-frame at which they will be developed. But our vision is that there should be a system (and Feng Office has to be that system), where all these features are integrated.

Please, keep in touch and sharing your ideas.

And, as Francisco said, any contributors (either of code or financial resources) are always welcome.

Remember that, if you don't think you need our support or the Professional Edition features, signing up is still a way to contribute. We don't accept "donations", but we accept subscriptions of all sorts.

And we do take on customization works too.

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