Author Topic: "Sorry Selected Email is Already Taken" - more info  (Read 2474 times)


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"Sorry Selected Email is Already Taken" - more info
« on: April 29, 2009, 04:20:42 am »
I'm posting this here because I think this bug continues from v1.3 onward and has not been fully addressed.

New fresh v1.3.1 install.  I create my first client company (there are no others), and in the email address field I type the company's owner's personal email address since it's a 1-man consulting firm.

Then from the Client Companies screen, beside the new company I click Add User, and enter this dude's info, including the same email address I used above for his client company.  I get the "Sorry selected email is already taken error."  Fine, so I back out, go to edit the client company, delete that email address and save.

I return to Add User, and it STILL gives me the same error.  That email address exists no where else in the system since it is a new install.  There is nothing in the trash.  I tried logging out then back in.  Somehow it remembers that the email was used once, and won't release it.  This person has only 1 email address, how can I create a user for him??

Furthermore, in this thread, ignacio you say "but it was done purposely, because there can't be more than one user with the same email address".  Like Karl and technomensch, I disagree with this.  Some small companies have people share single email addresses that point to a position that multiple people share - not a person - such as accountspayable@, shipping@, support@ etc.

And please do not ditch usernames in favour of email addresses!  Bad bad idea, I've seen this before and it is more trouble than it is worth.

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Re: "Sorry Selected Email is Already Taken" - more info
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2009, 11:13:26 am »
I think using the same email for several users would be a bad idea. All users would receive the same emails, notifications would be sent to all users and if more than one is notified they would get the same notification twice. The forgot password link would send the email with the new password to all users. Maybe we could somehow work to prevent all this problems and allow users to share an email address, but I think it would be too much work for little gain. The system heavily relies on email for a lot of things so one email can't be used for more than one user.

Maybe the case you suggest of many employees sharing an email address should be addressed by giving only one user to all of them, but I think each one should use a different email address and each one should have an email account configured to receive email from the shared email address. Why would you need them to have their account email to be that shared email address?

A different thing is the bug that doesn't allow you to create a user if there's already a contact with the same email address. This has been solved in 1.4 beta (I think, or it should be solved in beta2).

And why do you think ditching usernames is a bad idea? If it is because you own several email addresses and you wouldn't remember which one you have to use this could be solved by allowing many email addresses for a user. How about using OpenID? Still I don't think usernames would have to be ditched. Maybe you could login by username, or email, or OpenID.