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size and storage
« on: October 19, 2012, 06:38:10 pm »
our Feng office (great by the way) tells us the following at the bottom of the page.

Powered by Feng Office 1.7.2. 0.288s. 11.73 MB

However, the file manager (CPanel) on our server tells us that 12.4gig is used up by Feng Office??

Every two months we've had to purchase additional storage space (approx 1gig)...I don't think we use the system excessively, we don;t upload files larger that 300kb as a general rule.

Also, what happens to documents which are attached to emails, can they be removed and trashed?

Thanks for any help as at it's current usage for us this is unsustainable and we'd have to look elsewhere for document storage.