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I'm loving the features of Feng Office but for the life of me I can't get an email account to be visible only to a user who 'owns' it.

Let me explain - I vaguely recall seeing something - it may have been here or the wiki - that said to do this I needed to set up a Workspace for that user only and then add the email account to that Workspace. So I set a workspace for me as Admin and then - following my vague memory of the explanation - set up a Group of one for me as Admin and then assigned that Group Read, Write, Delete access to the Admin workspace. I then added the email account (BTW this picked up and sent emails fine). However checking on another test user I had created I noticed that emails I had sent appeared in their Activity list and that they could actually see my emails.

I checked the wiki and it said that there would be user permissions in the account settings - well no not in this case, I assume because it was set to a Workspace assigned to me through the Admin Group of one.

Is there another way of doing this at all - if I read the permissions bit of the email settings correctly I can add these to the main shared Workspace and set permissions to No access for other people in the Group, or is this wrong?

Or is it the Group step that I'm going wrong in?

And for the life of me I couldn't find a delete button anywhere in the Email Account settings form as stated in the wiki. I'm trashing my install of Feng and I'm going to start again but I want to get it right this time and not have to delete things - which seemed to cause an internal error message.

Yours hoping somebody can point me in the right direction.

Many many thanks