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Chat :: Support Chat :: Web Meetings :: Whiteboard
« on: April 23, 2009, 11:05:46 pm »
I have a few interesting collaborative applications I've run across.  Not entirely sure if they fit in OG, but food for thought:

Chat - Some of my clients have been using Spark for years, and now there's SparkWeb (which I haven't used). Spark has proven to run incredibly bulletproof and straightforward to use, and SparkWeb may be something to consider. I realize there is another thread about a chat extension, but since that has not been included in the latest release, I'm not sure if it will ever become part of OG. Spark is proven and has a long history, and I'm sure SparkWeb will follow in its footsteps.

Support Chat - similar to but slightly different from the above, support chat is something that would be useful when giving your clients access to OG and having someone available for one-on-one support. Open Web Messenger is one such app that could create a new revenue stream or offer greater support capabilities for a company that uses OG.

Web Meetings - Dimdim Open Source edition (GPL). Nuff said.

Whiteboard - I can't seem to find a good open source whiteboard app, but something as simple as sneffel or as full featured as Twiddla could be a great collaboration tool if you need more than just text.

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