Author Topic: German Translation for Feng Office 2.0 / fixes missing lang.js  (Read 3051 times)


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As you may be already noticed in FengOffice 2.0 there are many parts not yet translated into German (and also other languages).

As a quick fix to solve all the "missing lang.js"-errors in the frontend I attached a file with some translations which helped me to get rid of these messages and shows some more translated strings in German.

If there is a complete translation available (now or in the future) I would be glad if someone could just post a link in this thread.

In the meantime just copy the attached lang.js over the existing one.


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Re: German Translation for Feng Office 2.0 / fixes missing lang.js
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2012, 03:07:47 pm »
Same to the portuguese language. This is boring. Feng Office 1.7.5 was brazilian translation perfect. Now Feng Office 2.0 gets me to a lot of errors.

Why they did it?

The problem is now each plugin have its own folder language. Im wondering who will translate each plugin folder.

Im just going back to Feng Office 1.7.5, better.
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