Author Topic: Workspace Discription NOT showing up?  (Read 1946 times)


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Workspace Discription NOT showing up?
« on: January 19, 2012, 03:55:40 pm »
Feng Office v1.7.5

I am not able to make a specific workspace description show up upon logging into the system.

Here is what I have setup:

1. User Personal Workspace is set to be the 'Initial Workspace' upon loging in
(Account/General/Initial Workspace)

2. Workspace description content is added/edited/modified and the check box selected on the option, 'Show description on the workspace overview page?:'

When the user logs in, the Overview Window does not display the initial workspace description. User's personal workspace is pre-selected upon login however.

If I manually click on user's personal workspace, then the description shows up, but not upon logging in .

Am I doing something wrong?

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