Author Topic: cannot login as admin, but can loging to mysql  (Read 1633 times)


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cannot login as admin, but can loging to mysql
« on: July 28, 2011, 03:18:06 am »

this is confused me,
I could not loging as admin
said "...please check login data"

enter the config.php, i saw admin data base and password. still the same as before i couldn't login.
also, i can enter mysql from terminal with this fengoffice database user and passord

now the question is, why I couldn't LOGIN ?
what should I do ?



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Re: cannot login as admin, but can loging to mysql
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2011, 01:18:33 pm »
The values in the config.php file are those used by the application to access de DB, but not necesarily the ones you entered for Feng´s admin user.

If you can´t remember what you used when first installing feng you could try changing it directly in the DB, doing this:

- Backup you DB if you have valuable data in it!
- Access your DB using phpmyadmin or similar
- find the table where users and passwords are stored
- google for a common password´s hash, meaning you find that the hashes value for password "guest" is "BLABLABLABLA" (*)
- From your table, copy your current value to a txt file and save ot, then replace the original value in the table for the one you googled.
- Now, if everything went well, you have changed your password to "guest" and you will be able to log in and change it again -whithin Feng- for a better one.

(*) you will need to find out what hashing method Feng uses, which I dont know ATM.

Hope this helps.
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