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WebODF Integration
« on: June 23, 2011, 06:31:44 pm »
Firstly, thanks to FengOffice and the OpenGoo community for this collaboration suite - it is quite impressive!

I was curious to know if there's any thought been given to integration of the WebODF (Apparently I can't post links - but:  www . webodf . org ) library as a means to enable FengOffice to edit real ODF documents? This library would enable importing and editing of ODF documents within FengOffice, of pretty much any OpenDocument type - Word processor, Spreadsheet, or presentation.

WebODF does feel decidedly "beta" at the moment, with some UI bugs and being quite slow, but the project seems to be advancing quite quickly.

While I understand this may conflict with existing implementations for those document types, the ability to edit "real" office documents would be a great boon for those needing interoperability between FengOffice and users of other office suites. In the future, it would also mean that all that was needed to support MS Office documents would be a translation service from say DOC to ODT - which could be provided by (Open/Libre)Office code.

Many thanks again for this great product and your time.