Author Topic: Adding 'Middle Name' FIELD besides the first & last name under Contacts  (Read 1646 times)


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Dear Administrator,

To have the 'Middle Name' field besides the First Name and Last name fields when/while creating a New Contact.

As middle names are being used more often than not, and this is true by  many cultures around the globe, I would kindly suggest to move the Field 'Middle Name' (from the subcategory "Other") and place it besides the First Name and Last Name at the very top of the page (to have it readily accessible) when creating a New Contact. The Email Field could be moved to the second line instead of keeping it on the fist line.

Here is the Layout I am suggesting:

First Name                                    Middle Name                                   Last Name
:_________                                  :___________                                 :__________


The second alternative for the Email filed, is simply to be completely moved under the subcategory "Email and Instant Messaging"


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