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Hylafax support
« on: April 11, 2011, 02:57:38 pm »
Hi everyone, we contributed to Fengoffice with an hylafax integration for sending PDFs as fax, that will probably be included in the next release.

For the frantic people, I'm attaching a patch that apply cleanly with the latest release.

Server requirements are a working hylafax installation (even on a separate machine on your LAN) and the hylafax-client package on the same fengoffice server (sendfax command is required).

After configuring config.php with the new required parameters:
  define('HYLAFAX_HOST', '');
  define('HYLAFAX_PORT', '4559');
  define('HYLAFAX_LOGIN', 'libersoft');
  define('HYLAFAX_PWD', 'password');
  define('HYLAFAX_PARAMS', '-n -D');
  define('HYLAFAX_NUMBER_PREFIX', '0');

Any user will see in the file detail window a new action called 'Send Fax', a new window will appear asking for the contact and the document will be queued to hylafax.

For a complete fax solution, you can configure hylafax to send you an email for every receipt of sending and a PDF for every received fax to an inbox configured inside fengoffice.

This module has been sponsored by Imparaora ( and developed by LiberSoft (