Author Topic: Mails not listed! (Solved)  (Read 2817 times)


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Mails not listed! (Solved)
« on: March 22, 2009, 08:30:27 pm »
Hi guys great job with the new release, but I cannot find a way to let my e-mails work with opengoo (since the first release!).

Now the problem is that the mails are physically present in the Database (retrieved with POP3 from the same server) but they're not listed in the mail section. I've tried to check what's wrong, but haven't got a clue about how the mail objects are loaded into the UI. The fact that the e-mails are listed in the DB let me think that there's something wrong when the PHP code try to load the objects but no errors are reported (neither from the MySQL and Apache).

Please help me  ???

Even when I start to write a new mail, and then save it as a Draft, it's not listed in the mail section!  :'(

Ehm... Strange enough today I see all my mails... I've discovered that to operate with mails I need to deselect any active workspace. However I thought it was different to manage mails (like viewing mails in each workspace or at least define a mail account for each workspace).
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Re: Mails not listed! (Solved)
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2009, 03:32:14 pm »
There are no new mails showing up in my OpenGoo installation. I have checked my webmail inbox and I have three new mails at the moment. This has been an ongoing issue I have noticed.