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Wrong file type after decompression
« on: March 22, 2009, 07:40:00 pm »
I have uploaded a WMA file, and it's shown as audio fail,
then i compressed it, and after decompression, it's shown as a text/html file
I guess it's not a bug, but a miss configuration of my apache/php - any suggestions would be appreciated.

Another thought, as i am testing mod_security on Windows environment, and as OpenGoo developers are suggesting  XAMPP , i guess they also use Win environment, so it would be very nice if you guys can also test OpenGoo under the default rule set of mod_security and see if there are some rules that are being triggered, i have found some, but forgot to write them down, will write all from now on, also with enabled php errors i get some warnings here and there, mostly about non defined variables, for example in the translation module.

As soon as i have some free time i will create an WinAMP installation of my own, that is more secured, and can be used for production servers with little changes, and i was thinking that as soon as i am ready we can bundle it with OpenGoo if you wish, agree and you like how it's done. It would be pre-configured to use mod_security for windows, with some php restrictions as disabled exec,popen and so on, some apache tweaks and mysql performance and security fixes, also will contain zend optimizer and phpmyadmin (with some modifications) by default and a little gui/batch files for easier control and a lot of logging :) But it's still in very early stages, as i am now testing different MySQL setting for performance, and then i have to write some simple gui.