Author Topic: 1.3 beta MyISAM record instead if InnoDB ?  (Read 2329 times)


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1.3 beta MyISAM record instead if InnoDB ?
« on: February 26, 2009, 05:57:13 am »
On new installation (1.3 beta) when InnoDB is used for the installation, there is one record that is being created in MyISAM storage type -> og_searchable_objects - is that for some reason or i have done something wrong with my MySQL installation (but it's set InndDB in the My.ini as well ) ?

also about the PDO_MySQL vs MySQL implementation which is better to use, and what advantages one gives over the other, i only know that the PDO is a framework for accessing MySQL DB or other under  PHP, but as i am not a PHP developer and i have not worked with that framework i did not know the advantages that it may provide, and it would be good if the users know.
Thank you.


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Re: 1.3 beta MyISAM record instead if InnoDB ?
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2009, 11:16:57 am »
About the first question, that table always is a MyISAM table, and it was chosen for efficiency. So even if you pick InnoDB during the installation, that table will be a MyISAM table.

About the second question, we implemented support for PDO MySQL because, according to some articles we found on the web, it was supposed to be more efficient than the mysql extension. I've done some measurements in Ubuntu and there wasn't any improvements in performance. Maybe because of how we had to use PDO MySQL to implement a data access interface, or maybe in other platforms there's a difference, I don't know, but we left it in the rare case that a user doesn't have the mysql extension but does have the PDO extension.


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