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How To's / Trash
« on: January 12, 2009, 06:47:30 am »
I am having a problem with the Trash. I have moved some email to the trash. When I am in the All workspace -> Overview, Unread email block shows the trashed email. This is the only place I can see these emails - if I click on the Trash psudo-workspace, I do not see any email entries anywhere. To delete them, I need to open each one from the overview page, then click Delete.

I have also added some contacts and companies to the trash. When I am in the All workspace, and click the Trash psuedo-workspace, one company shows up. This company cannot be deleted. (actually I notice it is gone now). The others only show up when I view the trash for the workspace the items were deleted from - not in any of the parent workspaces.

Also, if I am in the trash for a workspace, I do not seem to be able to switch to the trash for the All workspace.

The trash psudo-workspace seems pretty counter-intuitive to me. I would have expected it to behave in a similar way to other work spaces - click on Trash workspace, then emails would show emails in the trash, click on the notes, show trashed notes etc.

I can see the benefit of being able to look for trash from a particular workspace - I guess I got a little confused - perhaps the psudo-workspace placement of the icon needs to be re-thought.


General Discussion / Themeing the forum
« on: January 12, 2009, 05:16:48 am »
Is there any way to change the color scheme on this forum? The blue background in the form elements is so close to the blue highlight color it is almost impossible to see what is selected and what is not.

I have recently installed KDE 4 on another machine, and it is all black on black with transparent black overlays. Triffik


Getting Started / Re: Email
« on: January 05, 2009, 02:06:15 am »
I have been having a very frustrating time with the email as well.

Between the local mail server on my test machine, my host file, secure ports on my ISP's server and just plain stupidity .... sigh. I guess no one can help with the stupidity bit.

Anyway - I don't know what
Code: [Select]
set up Administration->Configuration->Mailing:does, but client emails are set up in
Code: [Select]
Email->email actions->add/edit account

Getting Started / Re: Likliehood of a FreeBSD Port sometime?
« on: January 05, 2009, 12:35:32 am »
But ... but everyone I know running FreeBSD says it is just like Linux, only stable ;-)


Can contacts be filtered by tag? I have added some users and have tagged some of them. When I click on the tag at the bottom left hand side, the contact list does not seem to get filtered.

Is this the expected behavior?

Also - I would like to be able to add multiple contacts to a workspace in one go - at the moment I can only add them one at a time - which is a bit tedious :-(

The 'add to workspace' link greys out after selecting more than one contact - so I am guessing this is the expected behavior?



Getting Started / Importing Companies
« on: January 04, 2009, 06:38:28 pm »

I am just taking Opengoo for a spin, and I want to import data from SugarCRM. Love the import wizard but it seems to only import contacts, not companies. There also seems to be no company information on the import page. It would be good to be able add imported users to companies.

Is there a way to import company information? I'll take a look at the database and see if I can understand it.

BTW - this is very much faster than SugarCRM. If it can do what I need, I'll be a convert :-)

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