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Community Contributions / Re: Added tasks to iCalendar export
« on: August 11, 2010, 11:17:41 am »
Thank's! But I can't found where I can see the ORGANIZER tag content from VTODO in Mozilla Lighting & KDE Calendar.
What software do you use? Can you post the screenshot with ORGANIZER field visible in calendar?

And calendar in KDE supports html content in tasks, so we can show url as hyperlink in task (for one-click access), but Mozilla Lighting didn't support it.
I have attached an example of VTODO, created with KDE Calendar. Will be good for me to see the option for adding link to task as html hyperlink in task body.

I have update the functionality of my script to version 2.

Now you can customize export scope via 'scope' GET parameter:
- all available contacts (default)
- only contacts, created by you: scope=created
- only contacts, to that you subscribed: scope=subscribed
- created by you and subscribed: scope=created_subscribed

URL example for 'scope=created_subscribed' is:

Patch for 1.7 version and new version of file is attached. You must rename export_contacts_v2.php to export_contacts.php because forum didn't allow to attach file with same name.

Community Contributions / Re: Added tasks to iCalendar export
« on: August 11, 2010, 05:15:32 am »
For adding assigner and assigned user you can use fields, described in

Community Contributions / Re: Added tasks to iCalendar export
« on: August 11, 2010, 04:53:56 am »
Thank's! Works very good on KDE 4.5 & Kontact! I use only tasks in og, because events didn't remember that user forgot to complete it, and now I can see it! Beautiful! =)

But because exported info is read-only, will be good to add http link to each task and event to fengoffice page, for example in end of description.

And will be good to add the option to add username in title of each task (or in other field) for control task of other users.

Development / Re: How to add WebDAV to FO
« on: August 03, 2010, 05:27:24 am »
Yes, the problem is in wrong path on htaccess file, after I change the path, it goes to work normally! Thank's!

Problem is still here. I create the bug report:

Development / Re: How to add WebDAV to FO
« on: July 28, 2010, 03:01:58 am »
Thank's, very useful for me! Extension installed successfully.

When I open webdav:// I see all my workspaces as folders.

But when I try to enter the folder, I got the error:
The file or folder webdav:// does not exist.

Where can be the problem?

And I see list of all workspaces in first level, but in fengoffice they have hierarchy.

Community Contributions / Re: Preset task filter queary
« on: July 16, 2010, 07:51:09 am »
I have fount the source of problem:
(enter anywhere after "//Add stuff to the toolbar" on TasksTopToolbar.js)
This code must be placed to TasksBottomToolbar.js, not in TasksTopToolbar.js, because last one don't have the this.statusCombo object.

I move code to TasksBottomToolbar.js and it goes to work.
But work only one time: first click on any button works (it filter tasks normally), but second and other clicks shows JS error and don't filter (but successfully change the values in select boxes), the error is:
Error: this.load is not a function
Source File: /public/assets/javascript/og/og.js
Line: 1639

Browser is Firefox 3.6, FengOffice 1.7.

+- sign in All is not used because there are no other items at "All" level to show, but very often it accidentally pressed.
And this item is move workspaces to right and add free not used space at left of list, but this space we can use to decrease left column width.

How To's / Re: Automaticaly pause all tasks at a specific time
« on: July 15, 2010, 10:55:31 am »
Will be good feature because very often users in our company forgot to press "stop" when going from office to home and the time and billing counting when it sleeps :)
We plan to do the patch (hack or plugin) that do this feature, but now have whe no time to work on it, planned to august-september 2010.

Will be good to add button left of "Order by" select box that change sort order (ASC / DESC).
This is very often needed for me when I see many tasks.
For example, pending task I want to see in ASC order (increase date), but complete tasks in DESC (decrease date).

Thank's, this will be very useful for our company!
I have added all JS code from post #10, it succesfully add buttons  to the toolbar.

But this buttons don't do anything when clicked. I think that this must be any ajax code for reloading tasks list with new filter rules, not only scripts to add buttons.
Where I can get it?

Can you post the patch file for easily applying?

Where is the screenshot? :) Want to look what this code doing...

Feature requests / Re: Quick Links Module on the Overview Page
« on: July 12, 2010, 02:24:37 pm »
Will be good feature, but maybe it goes more useful if we add tags or groups to workspaces and users can filter all long list of workspaces by this tags from tabs bar upper to workspaces list?
Something like in image that I attach.

At now it is last version, it works perfectly for our company needs, if I update something, I'll post updated version here.

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