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attempted upgrade but failed. The following error message occurs:

■Failed to execute DB schema transformations. MySQL said: Duplicate column name 'archived_on'
■Error upgrading to version 1.6

When attempting to login, v. 1.6 is being displayed at the bottome of the screen, new features appear to be there, but all email accounts were gone. I would have to setup email accounts for all users within the OpenGoo.

Is there a fix to this problem? Can the upgrade issue be fixed? I had to restore my backup to v. 1.5.3


OpenGoo 1.5.3

1. When multiple users have been assigned to one particular workspace
2. And given the read & write permission, so that any one of them can create new notes in that very same workspace,
3. Then all users assigned to the same workspace can delete not only the entire note created in the workspace, but also they can delete all comments regardless who posted them (not only their own but any comments posted by any user assigned to that workspace)

OpenGoo team,
would you please consider to enhance the access writes for comments in the Note section in the next OpenGoo release 1.5.4, so that users, regardless of their read& write permission, can only delete their own comments, and not those posted by others.

Thank you for continuously improving the OpenGoo.

Thanks a bunch!

Older versions / 1.5.3 Attachment lost when forwarding
« on: October 15, 2009, 11:25:31 am »
OpenGoo 1.5.3 (not upgraded, but freshly installed)

When forwarding emails with an attachment, the content of the email is being forwarded but the attachment(s) are lost every single time.

Attempted remedy:

1. I have changed the preference  by going to: Account > Edit Preference > Email option > Attach files contents > "YES" I have done this on both OpenGoo users and have attempted to re-forward the email with its attachment, without any success.

2. I have attempted to manually select the attachment by going to: attachments > Select attachment from workspace >.. I was able to see the attachment that came with the email, but still even after selecting it, it would not forward

3. The only way I was able to forward the attachment is by doing the following:
a. Classifying the email to a workspace along with selecting the option "Add attachments to workspace"
b. Accessing the email and selecting the forwarding function
c. selecting Attachments > Select attachment from workspace > ...and choosing the actual file/attachment that was previously classified to a workspace.

OpenGoo team,

would you please consider to enhance email forwarding function in the next release 1.5.4, where users can simply forward the attachment(s) without classifying it to a workspace. This would greatly enhance the email function.

You have done so much in OpenGoo already, and so many people are benefiting. Thank you so much for your sustainable efforts.

Thanks a bunch.

Older versions / 1.5.3 Group Premission Access Malfunctioning
« on: September 23, 2009, 02:34:12 pm »
Following Group Permission Access is Malfunctioning:
All members can view the posted notes, but no member can post/add a comment to any of the notes. The system acts like "read-only" permission was granted.

Current Configuration:

Work spaces:
     "Board Members"
          7 members have been assigned to this group
          no manual permission override was manipulated in the menu
          "Workspaces" or 'Users"

Group Permissions for "Board Members" group:
     for "Collaboration" workspace
                  "All" for all members in the group with "Read & Write" options
                  Assign tasks to members of owner company  - "check-mark"
                  Assign tasks to members of other clients - "check-mark"
     for "Minutes" workspace
                  "All" for all members in the group with "Read & Write" options
                  Assign tasks to members of owner company  - "check-mark"
                  Assign tasks to members of other clients - "check-mark"

OpenGoo Version 1.5.3
Can you help?

Feature requests / Folders for documents
« on: August 25, 2009, 02:39:33 am »
It would really nice and convenient if users could create different folders to organize their documents space. The only issue I am concerned about is what will happen if the default settings are changes and all documents are stored in MySQL database.

Older versions / Email disappearing
« on: August 24, 2009, 06:39:56 pm »
I have just installed the latest 1.5.2 stable version of OpenGoo. The problem I am facing is that once I start shifting between Workspaces, the entire content of Inbox, Sent message, etc, disappears from user's view. The "Refresh the view" button which is available on the left hand side does not change the situation. The only way is to click on "Reload current page" in the internet browser. I have tried it in both FireFox and Internet Explorer 8. The message on the screen reads "There are no 'Emails' in..."

Can you help?

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