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Polski / Przywitanie
« on: June 24, 2015, 05:33:07 am »
Witam serdecznie,

Ostatnie wpisy po polsku widzę z dawnych czasów pochodzą. Zaglądacie tu jeszcze?

Korzystam z FO od jakiś 2 lat w mojej firmie. Długo z 1.6.x, ostatnio jednak czynię próby żeby dobić do 3.x z aktualizacją i póki co zatrzymałem się na z działaniami.

Korzystacie z 3.x?

Feng Office 2 / Email tagging / tag not showing for emails
« on: June 24, 2015, 04:10:14 am »
Dear FO Staff!

First, thanks for such a nice product, I'm running a small company and FO is our everydayhelper.

We did not upgrade or some time (were happily using 1.6), but the time has come for it yesterday at last. I was trying to upgrade to 3.2 but something failed on the way, so I stayed with which seemed to work nice for now.

I'm missing the tagging feature in the email tab, where is it gone? How does the tagging work in 2.x? In 1.6 there was this dropdown list of tags where I could mark with a given tag selected emails.

I have found some options within adminitration/email accounts/selected email account - there are tags and workspaces to assign to, but they are not being saved when I choose them.

Any hints?

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