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Applications / Developers for Hire?
« on: January 22, 2009, 11:20:43 am »
First let me say I love this application. I've offered to donate money, but was unfortunately informed cash donations are not accepted =(

My assumptions:
- Posting a request for paid development is acceptable (was unable to find anything to the contrary).
- This is the appropriate forum for this request.
- The license allows for modification and custom tailoring of OpenGoo for our own purposes and redistribution (looked over the license and feel this is the case)

If any of these assumptions are incorrect, please let me know!

My company is looking for a document management type of tool with some very specific modifications. Starting with OpenGoo was our first thought, however, the lack of familiarity developers might have with it forced us to look at alternatives. I've put a custom DMS project on eLance and was not happy with what I received. In my opinion OpenGoo is a much better start towards what we're looking for.

So, is there anyone on this forum who's available to perform paid development and customization of OpenGoo? We've got a very clear vision of what changes are needed. Please inquire via private message on this forum.


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