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Architecture / Concern with present architecture/platform
« on: June 06, 2007, 11:45:14 am »
I was reading through the architecture in the OpenGoo pages. Part of which I have copied below.
"Current work is being done in Java/JEE, due mainly to the background of the development team.
We aim to develop a system that is:
  • Easy to install
  • Cross-platform
  • Secure
  • Open Source
  • Easily Extendable

I am not sure if the initial team has tried to look at some other viable options to raise the architecture on.
I think if its the above list of items then Ruby/Python may be a much better option than Java. I am not a java expert and neither an expert on Ruby/Python but I would say that Java now is like what C/C++ used to be to Java before wrt to Ruby/Python. I think, for example Python provides a much richer and neater experience for the developer than Java.

Also since a very large team of people will work across the globe on this product the idea would be to decide on a platform which is SIMPLE (yet powerful!) for people to start and continue. The simplicity of the system and platform will allow more people to join the project.

The problem with this architecture platform that is being setup is that it does not consider one very important aspect of a sound software system - MAINTENANCE
The platform and the architecture should be such that it is easy to maintain and easy to modify. The maintainability will ensure that people understand and pick up the work more easily at any stage of the development.

And another aspect which should be considered for OpenGoo would be to ensure that it is completely open source and is open source proof for the future.

By the way under what license is this product going to be released? GNU, MIT, BSD, Mozill etc etc..
And why?

A sound beginning will result in sound execution and finally a sound application.
These are just my suggestions and would greatly appreciate if people comment and add their views on it for OpenGoo.


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