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How To's / doku - documentation
« on: March 25, 2012, 05:46:13 pm »
I am evaluating Feng - so far it looks excellent.

There is much that is new and I wonder if there is a downloadable version of the wiki? I tried spidering the wiki but I guess it is working off a db?

The URL is doku.php and I wonder if this is related to dokuWiki? This was another script I was evaluating so I could use that data.

I work a lot off-grid with no www so being able to work through the docs off my HD would be a boon.


I work remotely with a small group developing various projects and finally got sick of the email mess we were generating. Spent ages testing various scripts (I almost gave up and wrote my own [php]) and then... FENG.!

It really is smooth, well constructed, nice interface... etc etc.
Thanks for all your work. Love it and am optimistic I can convince the others to implement.

I have the wiki - but, is there any way of downloading it all - as opposed to going page by page?
A single zIp? Even if it wasn't 100% up to date.

Thanks again.

I work remotely a lot (no electric or www) and even in the 'office' it is on dial-up so having off-line solutions is great.

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