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Feature requests / Add types for Custom Properties
« on: November 16, 2010, 06:09:38 am »
In FengOffice 1.7.2 I can add custom properties to each object type in Administration panel, in which I can select property type (numeric, date, memo, table, etc).
But when I want to add custom property only for current object (for example, to already created note), I can select only text type.
Can you add all this types to "Add a custom property" link in object edit form?

Feature requests / Show user subscriptions in Account page
« on: November 01, 2010, 10:38:15 am »
FengOffice users after some time work with it will have many subscriptions to tasks, notes, contacts, etc.
And I can't find the way to view all subscriptions for user.
Will be good to add in Account page link to all subscriptions list, in which user can unsubscribe from some of them.

Feature requests / Synchronize email items status with IMAP folder
« on: October 20, 2010, 04:33:25 am »
In our company we use FengOffice and mail applications via IMAP protocol for work with email.
And we must manually mark each message as read double time, in IMAP and in FengOffice.

Will be good to implement the feature for synchronize each message status with IMAP folder when checking mail. And in IMAP folder we can mark messages as deleted, replied too.

Is this feature possible? Or fengoffice have only one-way sync without sending any data back to IMAP?

Ideas / Add feature to manually classify mail by keyword in Subject
« on: October 20, 2010, 04:16:39 am »
For manually classify internal mail will be good to do the filter that scan "Subject" field for keyword and automatically do the classification to workspace.
For example, I can write in Subject "WS[workspace1] Please update modules to last version" and will be good that this mail is moved to workspace1 automatically.

Will be good to see the automatically email classifying function in FengOffice:
When new message is received, we can compare "From" email address with contacts list in fengoffice and automatically classify this mail in workspace, to which this contact is attached!

So with this all mail will automatically sorted by workspaces!

Feature requests / Add "search string" or filter for translate tool
« on: September 17, 2010, 06:13:49 am »
Very often I see in interface bad translation of some phrase. And I want to quickly correct the error in translated string.
But find this string is too hard with current interface!
I don't know in which file I must search it and need to list many pages for search it with eyes.

Will be good to add global string search option in all translation files!

And another problem, when I want to translate string, I can't found where can I look on it in interface and what is context. For example, I have found "the" string, how I must it translate? Result of translation depends strongly on the surrounding text!

Add some more info about where string is located (which module and which view uses this function) near each string will help to better translate.

+- sign in All is not used because there are no other items at "All" level to show, but very often it accidentally pressed.
And this item is move workspaces to right and add free not used space at left of list, but this space we can use to decrease left column width.

Will be good to add button left of "Order by" select box that change sort order (ASC / DESC).
This is very often needed for me when I see many tasks.
For example, pending task I want to see in ASC order (increase date), but complete tasks in DESC (decrease date).

Feature requests / Add textfield type to template parameters
« on: June 30, 2010, 10:34:20 am »
I lacking the textfield parameter (multi-line text) type for templates, can you add it?

In Russian language we very often use middle name in official correspondence, but when adding and editing contacts in fengoffice, this field placed in far place, many users don't see and can't find it and forgot to fill.
I move 'middle name' field to up in contact edit form, between Name and Surname.
I hope that this patch help something else, or maybe moved to official version of FengOffice...

P.S. And I want to see Nickname field near contact Name, but at now this field is absent in the form and database  :(

Feature requests / Add nickname field to contacts
« on: June 30, 2010, 08:45:31 am »
In the Internet very often interaction with people goes via nickname (IM, email, chat) and in the memory you remember the people via nickname, because the name has many duplicates, and surname you may not known.
But in FengOffice I can't find the Nickname field for contact.
Will be good to add this field to contact card.

And I want to see this field between Name and Surname: "Name, Middle name, Nickname, Surname" and do this field available for search and quick filter.

Will be good to see the option in user settings that change showing users from Display Name to Username.

Because it saves more space and all usernames are unique, but display names can be same for different users.

And for me more easily is identificate user via username (nickname) instead of Display Name.

username view will be good in task lists, calendar, and other views that have lack of free space in page.

Community Contributions / Show assigned user in calendar view
« on: June 17, 2010, 02:31:08 am »
Will be good to see assigner names (or only logins for save space) in tasks on calendar view.

In month view there are no such space, but in weekly and daily views we can add this info.

Community Contributions / Show workspace name in calendar tasks
« on: June 17, 2010, 02:26:55 am »
I have many workspaces and tasks with same name in they.
And in Calendar I see only task name and can't understand from which workspace this task is.

Will be good to add workspace name for tasks in calendar views

Our company use FengOffice as database of contacts and organisations.
But for email we didn't use integrated modules, use mail applications (thunderbird, kmail, outlook, etc) and some other software.

And at now we need to duplicate current client database in each application that is not so good. And manually create records in mobile phones too.

Many software can work with vcard file as contacts database (for example, Akonadi), but at now I must manually select which contacts must be exported and update file manually. And I can't select all contacts in fengoffice, but only one page.

I have added the copy of function export_to_vcard() to file application/controllers/ContactController.class.php with some modifications:
Code: [Select]
    function export_to_vcard_all() {
        $contacts = array();
                $ids = explode(",", $ids);
                $allowed = Contacts::instance()->getAllowedContacts();
                foreach ($allowed as $c) {
                        $contacts[] = $c;
        if (count($contacts) == 0) {
                        flash_error(lang("you must select the contacts from the grid"));

        $data = self::build_vcard($contacts);
        $name = (count($contacts) == 1 ? $contacts[0]->getDisplayName() : "contacts") . ".vcf";

        download_contents($data, 'text/x-vcard', $name, strlen($data), true);

After this I can export all available to user contacts via url

But I can't do this via cron or another automated process, because I need to export it via authenticated in FengOffice user.

Can anybody tell how I can authenticate in FengOffice via some params in url or via curl() functiona and cookie/session files?

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