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Older versions / Tasks View Bug
« on: June 08, 2009, 01:00:09 pm »
When you click on tasks in any workspace and lets say 3 tasks are assigned to a normal user, and then maybe 2 tasks are assigned to a user that has administrative privilege, when the admin looks at it, it will say the persons name in front of the task they are assigned to just fine no matter who it is. This is the way it should work.

However when a regular user looks at the same view, they can see all the peoples names and task assignments that are regular users, but when a task is assigned to an admin, it does not display their name in front of the task, just a : where their name should be.

Any ideas? I can post some screen shots if that will be helpful? Any snippets of code to fix this?

Older versions / Linked Contacts for Non administrators
« on: May 27, 2009, 03:00:14 pm »
Hi there,

Excellent software, however I think I detected a bug.

For people who ARE NOT administrators they cannot see linked contacts on the data summary page. They can however see linked ALL other types of data such as notes or calendar appts etc. They can also see linked contacts IF they edit the item.

This goes across ALL data types basically when a regular user non admin links a contact they can see it then when they hit save and goto the summary view the contact is not listed but if they edit the data again they can see the linked contact.

ADMINs on the other hand do see the linked contacts to the dataset. Again this is across all datasets when a regular user links a contact it DOES save it but just does not show the linked contact int he summary view although it does show all other linked data types.

Kind of confusing I know and why it would just be this and only for regular users is odd but there you go.

Any ideas?

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