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What happened to the Modify Subscribers panel?  It's all sorts of f-ed up!  Why isn't this reported anywhere?

  • Click on a task name to view its detail page
  • Click Modify Subscribers

A pop-up opens with the list of potential subscribers.  This used to have checkboxes next to everyone's names.  Now it's just a list.  Also, the profile thumbs are truncated and overlapped by the name and email address of each team member.

FF 3.5.2 and IE 8.0.6

Has anyone else found this frustrating?

I have a lot of templated task sets which are made up of a parent task and its subtasks.  When I add a template to a workspace, it comes in as Unclassified.  Next I assign it to a Milestone.  The problem is, I have to do that manually for each individual subtask.  Why wouldn't each subtask inherit the Milestone of the parent?

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