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How To's / Assign document to workspace
« on: October 25, 2012, 05:19:51 am »
Hello FengOfficers ;-),
I have got a big problem with the new Feng Office 2.2.1 RC. It is impossible to relate a document to one or more workspaces...???

If I try so - check one workspace and klick OK - the System say it was successfully...
...BUT no document in the workspace
...the document is on Server
...the db table <prefix>_objects has the right column
...BUT the db table <prefix>_object_properties is empty!!!???

only if I upload a file "for all" then I can see it. If I then try to relate it to one ore more workspaces - same procedure as discribed before...

Can someone help?
Can someone show me where the SQL-Statement is?


after I tried, tried and tried - one document was related to a workspace (don't know how) the other one is away (on Server but not in FengOffice?!) -> now I tried to assign the last document to another additional workspace...
...know the system says I have no permission - I am the super admin?!

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