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Finally I coud install after

chmod -R 777 fengoffice

Very unusual...


I'm trying to install Feng Office 3.1 on my server (Debian wheezy), I'm using Firefox 36.0 as browser
1) created fengoffice database on mysql and granted proper privileges
2) created fengoffice directory
3) unpacked
3) chown -R www-data.www-data fengoffice
4) chmod -R  750 fengoffice
5) went to mysite/public/install

Started installation and everything went OK: installation seems to have proceeded without problems:
Step 4: Finish

Installation process:

    Database connection has been established successfully
    InnoDB storage engine is supported
    Tables created in 'fengoffice'. (Executed queries: 99)
    Initial data imported into 'fengoffice'. (Executed queries: 37)
    Schema created for plugin core_dimensions
    Initial data loaded for plugin 'core_dimensions'.
    Schema created for plugin workspaces
    Initial data loaded for plugin 'workspaces'.
    Configuration data has been successfully added to the configuration file
    File installed_version.php created successfully


However, when I go to my site it takes me back to the first installation page, as if fengoffice hadn't been installed

┬┐What can be happening?

In fact, if I run
php ./plugin-console.php
I get this message in console:

Feng Office is not installed. Please redirect your browser to a public/install folder and follow installation process

Getting Started / cant' publish post to forum
« on: March 05, 2015, 10:13:09 am »
keep getting: "Sorry, you are not allowed to post external links." every time and I'm not publishing external links!!!!

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