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Community Contributions / Re: images as thumbnails in workspace overview
« on: February 01, 2011, 12:09:16 pm »
awesome hack!!!!
thank you so much.

Community Contributions / Re: Chat extension
« on: February 01, 2011, 11:52:23 am »
@Anurag and others

I had the same problems as I had tried to install it with 1.7.3 .. BUT
I went back and traced my steps. This first thing you will notice is that FO will continue to function regardless of if you mess up mostly any of the steps except the step that has to do with general.php . If you mess up general.php you will get BLANK SCREENS all day :) and night too ;p
My scripting expertise is pretty much equal to 0. However, what I did was copy some of the existing fields already in each of the files, and paste them again right under it, and then TYPED OUT the changes in them, rather than simply copy/paste.

I have done everything, my FO is working, but I cant use the chat as I do not see the tab for chat, i think the issue is somewhere in

   .ico-chat {
      background-image: url(../../images/16x16/types/message.png) !important;

can not say really.    =(

Nonetheless at least the rest of my FO is working.


I have attached copies of the files i used to get it to work. Please use at your own risk. The problem for me was the quotation mark vs. single apostrophy. got it to work.

thanks much contributor!!!!!

Successfully integrated :
Gantt Charts
Send Mails to Multiple Reciepients
Chat Extension

quickly implemented thank you everybody  :)

Community Contributions / Re: Mod: column filesize in list view
« on: January 11, 2011, 10:47:06 am »
nice write up. Thanks

« on: January 11, 2011, 10:29:40 am »
I Agree, if this is incorporated with the already available templates functionality, possibilities are many !!! Although am sure coding would be tricky.

Ideas / Gallery, File manager, CRM, Jabber, Openvz image
« on: January 11, 2011, 10:28:34 am »

Started up Feng about 48 hours ago, am tinkering with other admin users before moving towards a proper deployment. Some initial feedback other than the obvious of how well interconnected the software is.

1- Administrative tasks should not be visible in activity to all users such as : root created user xx

2- Allow root users to set the limit to filesizes in the administration section without having to edit config.php or another php file . Am sure there are other tiny tweaks requested that can be lumped together in one additional administration subsection.

3- A gallery type module , we have a lot of pictures we have to share sometimes and also sometimes have like 8 or 10 files that are part of ONE submittal for a portion of a project. It would be nice if each individual file did not have to be uploaded on its own (kind of like gmail uploader) or if one single line in list view could have all those files or pictures in one place. 40 pictures means 40 lines.........

4- CRM module: contacts are already there, email is already there, workspaces are already there, all that is needed is to be able to create leads/campaigns/and create updates for them. this is i am sure so close to already being available in the software, that some manual tweaking from my end could probably get the result we are looking for. althought i think if this feature was available out of the box people could get even more creative and build on it. i think this is the only main feature missing from making feng a complete solution. i own my own small business, we have an accounting server which is seperate, one for collaborative works (feng recently implemented) and one we are going to set up for CRM hopefully. I believe accounts server should be seperate but crm can be very easily included in this current structure, dont you think ? I know the idea has been shot down before, but including this would be more of a tiny hop rather than a leap.

5- A chat module would make things much much more interesting. In fact, as many people have workers sprawled across many geographic locations , often travelling also, a jabber incorporation could include voice/video chat.......

6- Openvz images on sourceforge: Will make adoption and image availability with vps hosting sites MUCH easier. I would say that is one of the areas that others have failed, and it mitigates adoption in the long-run.

Thanks for FO being what it is, one year ago I was straining to work with some of the other softwares that werent as feature rich, or mature I would call it, as 1.7.2.



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