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Title: 2008 - OpenGoo tickets (?)
Post by: tgeorge on June 17, 2008, 02:49:40 am

1. On-Offline Integration : OpenGoo is web office suite, but some users may experience "internet disconnection" during work using OpenGoo.

They need Offline Management software too.(maybe-) like Thinkfree.

2. Modify uploaded document's "Contents" : OpenGoo can't modify uploaded document "contents". this is serious problem. most of web office suite can modify contents.

3. More browsers : Safari, Opera...huh?

4. IM Integration : Skype, AIM, Yahoo, WLM(MSN), or Jabber....

5. Multi user, divided workspace :

like thinkfree or google docs. anyone can create own account, and give them to own workspace. (MUST: they can't see other's workspace and documents)

6. Blogging : not a blog solution, just publish option on Word Processor feature. Click publish menu to publish your document on your blog.


opengoo- the best OpenSource Web Office suite, ever- :)
Title: Re: 2008 - OpenGoo tickets (?)
Post by: conrado on June 17, 2008, 05:03:04 pm
Hi tgeorge. Great input!

I'll give you a quick feedback, as per current development and roadmap status...

1. Would be great. It is hard, and we are not ready yet. It could make for a perfect side-project for anyone willing to do it.

2. Again, great feature, but VERY hard. We have a team working on that at a University grade project. We will start seeing results closer to the end of the year.

3. Firefox is default right now. Release 0.7 (July) will fully support FFox and IExplorer. Next in line (August) will be Safari. Opera is still not on schedule. Code-volunteers very welcome!

4. My vote is for Jabber. Not enough coders to work on it, for the moment.

5. We have added many privacy config options on version 0.6.4, and will keep adding. This is an area we are working heavily on.

6. Yeap, cool feature to add. Maybe for version 0.9 (September).