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Title: Government
Post by: conrado on May 25, 2010, 04:01:50 pm
Government agencies and State organizations all over the world are updating their IT platforms in order to increase efficiency, improve internal collaboration and management, and ultimately better serve the public and meet their goals.

Common challenges faced by Governmental Organizations
A more efficient government is a principal goal of visionary governments. Making the best use of current technology, while keeping a tight control on costs, is the best strategy to achieve this goal.

Current technology enables better collaboration both inside and outside the organization. Collaboration is achieved through easy to use communication tools, gathering and sharing information, and intelligently processing this information to create specialized knowledge bases. This results in a more efficient government, connecting people.

Project Planning & Management
Execution of government projects is a complex matter. There are many stakeholders; internal executives, external auditors, vendors big and small, directors, regulators, other agencies. Some even face potential public scrutiny. What this means is that all project tasks and decisions should be fully traceable.

Agencies need easy generation of these records, but most importantly, they have to assure good practices and comprehensive project management. Automate projects tasks creation and assignment. Track evolution of every project, individually and aggregated as part of parent divisions and organizations.

Collaboration features
The lifetime of Official projects might span through lengthy periods. Directors and executives need to keep track of many projects running in parallel. Features such as shared calendars, the ability to schedule and set alerts for due dates, sharing documents and tracking documents versions, and linking all information are just some of the features that improve internal and external collaboration.

Government Intelligence
The basis for Government Intelligence is to record and organize all information received and internally produced. It is essential to keep track of all citizen's issues; from both individuals and associations. Queries, requests, claims and comments are all recorded and processed in a centralized manner, following the best and most suitable processes defined by the particular government body.

For data records to become knowledge bases, information should be swiftly classified, keeping track of its context, sources, and links. These are essential features for any government collaboration platform.

But technology this technology is costly, right?
Well, Feng Office can greatly reduce costs by eliminating costly licenses, infrastructure investments, and complicated setups that add up into high consulting fees.

Ease of use and intuitive interfaces assure fast adoption and a rapid training curve.

And how about controlling our infrastructure and our data?
Feng Office is open source. That means you will always be in control of your infrastructure and data.

You can chose to deploy the software applications on your own servers, having greater infrastructure control, or you can host it on our specialized server, reducing even more your fixed costs. Both approaches have their benefits. That is why, with Feng Office you can switch modes at any time.

Feng Office is 100% Web based.
Being 100% Web based means that you don't have to worry were workers (and the public) are. All they need is a Web browser. There is no need to neither download nor deploy any software on the desktops.

What do you think?
Do you work at Government Organization? Are these the problems you are facing? Is this how you are using Feng Office?

It would be great to learn what are the issues you are trying to solve, and how Feng Office is helping you and your team (and, if it isn't, why not).

If you are not using Feng Office, but would like to learn more, you can give it a free try (http://www.fengoffice.com/web/trial.php), learn more about its features (http://www.fengoffice.com/web/features.php), or contact a Feng Office Executive (http://www.fengoffice.com/web/support/contact.php) to learn how Feng Office can help your Organization and your team.
Title: Re: Government
Post by: pkjha30 on March 23, 2013, 03:33:51 pm
Hi Conrado

I was quite impressed by FO in its earlier version and tried out  on test. Then I thought I can use this for our office. So we have put this on our workflow with latest version of community edition. Checking things out. Email functionality is a problem on shared server and was in talk with them to try to sort out.  On log file I see lot of errors reported though apparently not much functional; loss is noted.
In order to host on Govt data center , they have requested to get this software security audited. A process I have initiated. But I think this may not succeed for one reason. It does not have built in captcha support..
Further  complete document management system is needed. At present it has limited ability. I liked the creation of notes and power point presentation. .

Also to work for govt site we need integration of digital signature and strong encryption of contents transfer and storage.

Further It needs to be certified that there is no backdoor entry and no unauthorised transfer of data.

The Sql functions support usual protection against sql injection etc.

I know , you have posted this long time back. I have tested many programmes but this hold good promise. I dont know about Professional edition as Govt would not allow hosting on your server and unless there is security audit of entire software codes,  it would not be acceptable. Presently I am testing and getting security audit for community edition. Dont know what are your feature request and addition policy and other support.

Also  strong user system and permission system  and workflow based transaction system may be needed.
Do you know if there are other successful Govt installations.

Congrates for fantastic software.

Thanks and Regards.
Title: Re: Government
Post by: conrado on March 25, 2013, 12:26:35 pm
Hi pkjha30,

Thank you for your kind worda and for bringing up some interesting points.

Let me make some clarifications:

1 Feng Office Professional Edition can be installed on your servers. The name of the service (Licensing and Supporting Feng Office on your own premises) is called "Feng Onsite".

Please contact our sales team at: sales@fengoffice.com for further inquiries.

2. Feng Office is a powerful system. As such, it makes high use of server resources. Thus, running Feng Office on a shared server will most likely not present a good performance and functionality issues are very common.

We do not recommend running Feng Office on shared servers. Specially for production environments.

3. Feng Office can be customized for your needs. Any additional security requirements can be met through configuration and customization work.

Most of the security features you describe are already present either in the Professional Edition or the Community Edition.

4. Many government agencies successfully and happy run Feng Office.

Looking forward to your feedback, and to helping you and your Government.
Title: Re: Government
Post by: pkjha30 on May 04, 2013, 09:01:40 am
Thanks for detailed reply.

Feng office Community edition is serving basic purpose well. Except for captcha login. In case you can  show a way to integrate  captcha in login it would be appreciated.

As regards server requirements , I agree with your  observations and recommendations.

I have referred Community edition for security audit and will await report.

Once it runs and people become accustomed we can think of going for professional edition.


Title: Re: Government
Post by: conrado on June 19, 2013, 09:05:14 pm
I have a hard time understanding reasons for organizations to wait to get the Professional Edition and our support plans when there is a budget assigned and a need for the features and official support.

But maybe I am biased by the fact that those services are what finance the development of Feng Office (Both Professional AND Community Editions).  :D